Webster High School

Junior/Senior Formal Prom Dress Code

The Webster Junior/Senior Formal Prom will be held April 1, 2017,

7:00 PM ~ 11:00 PM at the Chandler Park Event Center

The dress code for entrance to the Prom is listed below. It is the Webster student's responsibility to register their guest if he/she attends another high school AND have the Guest Registration form completed by the guest's high school Principal, designee, or employer. No guests may be 21 years of age or older. If students and guests do not meet dress code approval upon arrival, they may not enter. However, there is an option to return for admittance if proper dress is achieved within 1 hour of the starting time. There are NO refunds for prom tickets and NO re-entry once you leave the prom venue. All Webster students must have a student ID to enter, and the guest must have either the student ID or picture ID (driver's license) which matches the guest registration form.

Adults and parents are not allowed into the Prom venue unless assigned by the school as a chaperone.


  • Formal Dress/Attire
  • Dress/skirt length and slits should be reasonable for high school students. (The fingertip rule when hands are placed at the side is a good measure.)
  • Exercise modesty when selecting dresses appropriate for high school prom. (Extreme plunging necklines; backless dresses)
  • Shoes must be worn; no tennis shoes or shower shoes.
  • No jeans/denim.


  • Formal Attire
  • Dress Suit and Tie or Tuxedo
  • Slacks, shirt, tie, bowtie
  • Shoes must be worn; no tennis shoes or shower shoes.
  • No jeans/denim

If in doubt, please see Ms. Holman, Principal, for final approval. 

If you need assistance obtaining prom clothing, see Ms. Holman as well.

(doc: Prom Dress Code 2017)