Daniel Webster High School

Graduation Dress Code


As a graduating student of Daniel Webster High School, you must follow these guidelines in order to participate in the graduation ceremony. The official ceremony is a formal school event and is a privilege. You should be proud of your accomplishment!


  • White dress (no longer than graduation gown)
  • White shoes (must have a back strap)/No tennis shoes
  • No facial piercing jewelry/small earrings only
  • No denim


  • White button-down dress shirt
  • Dark Tie
  • Dark Slacks
  • Dress shoes (black or dark brown)/No tennis shoes
  • No facial piercing jewelry/stud earrings only
  • No denim

Students who need assistance obtaining graduation clothing should see Ms. Holman. 

Please see Ms. Holman if in doubt of your clothing meeting graduation dress code.


Participating in the graduation ceremony is a privilege bestowed by the administration of Daniel Webster High School. It is not a right. As such, the integrity of the ceremony will be maintained through strict adherence to the district's behavior plan and the school's graduation dress code as cited above. Students who do not meet the state requirements and credits to graduate and participate in the ceremonies (Senior awards assembly, graduation, etc.), may pick up their cap and gown the next school day after the graduation ceremony. (Caps and gowns for those not graduating will NOT be distributed before the ceremonies.) In addition, the cap and gown must be paid in full in order for the school to distribute the cap and gown to graduates as well as those who ordered a cap and gown but could not participate in the ceremonies. Students will NOT toss the cap at any time during or after the ceremony!

If you foresee a difficulty in meeting the dress code requirements listed above, it is your responsibility to meet with a school administrator prior to the event. Do not wait until the night of the ceremony and expect to be excused from the dress code requirements. By signing below, you agree to the dress code requirements for participating in the graduation ceremony, and if you fail to meet the requirements, you will not be allowed to participate.

(doc: Graduation Dress Code Contract 2018)