A Webster Middle School student ID badge must be worn at all times as part of the uniform policy.


6th Grade - Black Polo Shirt

7th Grade - Grey Polo Shirt

8th Grade - Royal Blue Polo Shirt


Upper Garments

  • A Polo shirt (a shirt with two or three buttons and a collar); short or long sleeved
  • Polo shirts must be plain (no other writing of any kind accepted; no brand name logos)
  • No t-shirts - must be polo style
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times
  • Sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts, and other apparel sold by the school and/or Spirit Store will also be acceptable on any school day (Shirts students have made on their own with the Webster logo are not permitted as a uniform)
  • "Clinton" hoodies (previously purchased) are acceptable on any school day
  • Shirts given to students by athletics, FFA, Band, etc. which have been approved by administration are allowed on any school day
  • This right may be revoked by administration on an individual basis if repeated violations of the uniform policy occur
  • No oversized shirts
  • Undershirts can only be white (must be shorter than the uniform shirt)
  • School sponsored clubs and organizational shirts which have been approved by administration are allowed on any school day

Lower Garments

  • Khaki, navy blue, black lower garments (no denim)
  • Slacks or pleated skirts - khaki, navy blue, or black (no denim)
  • Skirts and slacks must be fitted at the waist
  • Skirts may be no more than two inches above the floor when student is in a kneeling position
  • Skirts must fit at the waist and be worn with a black or brown belt, if belt loops are made on the garment 
  • A black or brown belt is to be worn with slacks
  • If tights are worn underneath skirts, they must be black in color
  • No denim and/or jeans are allowed
  • No sweat pants
  • No "jeggings" (denim or colored leggings)
  • No cargo shorts (shorts with several pockets)


  • Heads bands may be worn (no scarves or bandanas)
  • Chains, metal studs, and/or buckles attached to clothing are not allowed
  • Jewelry/accessories that pose a safety concern and are a distraction in class for the students and others are prohibited
  • Visible pierced jewelry shall be limited to the ears
  • No scarves around the neck

Free Dress Days and Jeans Days will be offered for various activities and rewards throughout the school year!

(NO denim jeans unless approved for Free Dress Days, Jean Days, Spirit Days and TPS Dress Code will be followed)