Mid the hills of Oklahoma

'Neath the sooner sky

Stands our noble Alma Mater,

Daniel Webster High.

Lift the Chorus ever upward,

Loyal white and blue,

Hail to thee our Alma Mater,

Webster, We love you!!!

Fight on, Webster High

The victory will soon be won;

With pride our hearts beat high--

To fight, to win, or die--Rah! Rah!

Fight on, Webster High

We pledge our love and loyalty

To fight for the blue and white

And Daniel Webster victory.

As a student of Daniel Webster High School,

I will do my best to promote and maintain,

enthusiastic school spirit and school loyalty;

To dispel ignorance with learning,

and to strive for the highest scholastic attainment

of which I am capable;

To help create and advance a high standard of citizenship,

among my fellow students,

To have the courage to follow the right,

even though I stand alone in doing so;

To be worthy of the best fellowship of the student body,

and to conduct myself in such a manner

that I shall never bring shame upon my school;

To serve God and my country to the best of my ability.

Oh, we fight, fight, fight for the blue and the white!

Webster, we're loyal to you.

As we cheer you on to victory, we promise we'll always be true.

So, we'll fight with might, filled with spirit tonight, and

We'll give this Warrior yell

     Let's go, let's fight, Let's win this game tonight!

     Let's go, let's fight, Let's win this game tonight!

Yes! We are the Warriors!

We've got the spirit!

We're gonna win tonight!

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